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Rockler St. Patricks Day Sale

by Maniac on February 26, 2012

Get $10 off any purchase over $75


Not a bad deal if you are getting ready to make a purchase.
I am getting this to put in a woodpecker lift.


Bench Top or Small Sized Router Tables

by Maniac on February 26, 2012

The other day I was on Amazon and ran across this plan.  I do not usually buy plans, but this plan hit a few notes for me.  Most people do not know how to go about building a router table.  If you put some thought into it, you would quickly figure out that cutting the insert out from the table is the most challenging part of the whole project.  So I put this up as a good reference, that the plan can make your thought process a bit easier.


I really like how simple the case is on this table, you can pretty much make it out of any scrap wood in the shop and its purpose is really very simple.  You can also add features to it as you progress.  You can make it very stable (no matter how light it is) by clamping it to your bench.   The fence is very unusual since it rides on T-track that is mounted to the side of the table.  If you use standard knobs and bolts, this can be a very easy setup and get you some good accuracy without having to buy one of those expensive fence kits.  My first router table fence started out as a straight piece of wood clamped to the table.

The picture does not show a miter track, but you can easily insert one into the groove that you cut out.  If you do not think you will need this, you can always add it later on.  Most of the parts needed for this project can be bought just about anywhere, you really only need some bolt and knob sets, a dust port and some T-track.


New Tool King Promotion

February 20, 2012

This is a pretty good rebate deal going on right now at Tool King on name brand tools. DeWalt and Porter Cable are featured.    

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Fliptopz Workbench Tables

February 18, 2012

How far are you willing to go when it comes to saving space? In order to work effectively, your environment has to appeal to you as well. But what you can do when every tool in the shop is a tight fit? Most of us would love to have a monster sized shop with all [...]

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Mobile Sawing & Routing Center Woodworking Plan

January 30, 2012

This project has always been near and dear to my heart for a long time.  Mostly because it does a couple of things really well.  The first is that it combines tools, which saves space and provide that anchor tool that everyone needs.  Second it shows you how to save some money on a big [...]

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Gazebos: Enjoying A 5,000 Years Heritage On Gardens

January 26, 2012

If you are a person who loves outdoor life, then you appreciate the ethereal beauty that a garden gives a compound. A garden has always been the main aspect of landscaping and landscapers have over the years come up with creative additions to make the garden even more elegant. One of the oldest features of [...]

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Woodpecker's Coping Sled Giveaway on Router Table Depot

May 2, 2011

I found this contest on Router Table Depot’s site.  It really is offered on their facebook page but you can find a link to it on the site.  They are starting their summer tool givewaway  again which is always great.  They tend to give away good stuff instead of some tool or gadget that no [...]

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Woodpeckers Coping Sled, Giveaway on RTD

April 29, 2011

This is pretty cool.  Router Table Depot started their summer tool giveaway again and this month they are featuring the Woodpeckers Coping Sled.  You do not have to buy anything and it looks like all you have to do is go to their Router Table Depot Facebook page and like the ad to enter.  When [...]

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Why All router plates are not predrilled for every router

January 29, 2011

Did you ever notice that sometimes your router does not have a name brand router plate pre-drilled for it?  For example, no one pre-drills for a Hitachi router.  The reason is, the router is not that popular and most manufacturers have not found it a good use of their time to stop and change all [...]

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The Handy Goddess, a Woodworker (really)

January 5, 2011

Well I ran across this looking for something on You Tube and I more or less stopped in my tracks.  This lady actually knows how to make furniture and uses some natural assets to help her (and us) out.  I thought it was a little edgy but I have to admit I like her style [...]

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